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Your VIP pass to affordable and priority wedding video editing

An exclusive annual membership designed to enhance your editing experience while providing you with peace of mind and financial flexibility.
Say goodbye to fluctuating expenses and hello to a steady, predictable monthly payment structure that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Saves you money

Enjoy substantial savings on editing expenses. Depending on the volume of weddings you shoot, our membership offers discounts ranging from 15% to 40%. This means that the more you utilize our services, the more you save, making the Carat Club an exceptional value for your editing needs.

Predictable expenses

No more guessing games. The Carat Club ensures that your editing expenses remain consistent throughout the year. This stability enables you to plan ahead, prioritize projects, and make informed decisions without any financial surprises.

Flexible & Convenient

Recognizing that your video editing demands can differ throughout the year, the Carat Club provides all your carats upfront. Utilize them as needed to match your unique workload, ensuring you maximize your membership without monthly constraints.

Our promise


Predictable billing ensures peace of mind through the ebbs and flows of wedding season.

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    Saves up to a 40% on all orders

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    Priority status for Carat Club orders

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    Unlimited monthly orders

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    Dedicated account handler, fast responses

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    Consistent monthly editing fee

How it works?

Choose plan

Select from a range of Carat Club membership tiers, ranging from Quartz to Diamond, and determine which option offers the greatest level of flexibility based on your projected number of weddings for the upcoming year. Once logged into our portal, you will have access to a calculator to help you choose the best plan for your projected volume.

Low monthly pricing starting at $425/per month.

Spend carats

Upon joining the Carat Club, you’ll receive an annual allowance of “carats” (a fancy on-theme way of saying “points” or “credits”). You’ll have the flexibility to utilize your annual credit allowance at your convenience. You can use them to knock out 6 highlights from October, or catch up on 15 documentary edits during winter slow season.

Plans we offer

Carats listed are the total amount you receive for the year, not each month.



480 Carats

Ideal for low-volume videographers who shoot about 10 weddings per year.

  • 15% annual savings



960 Carats

Perfect for videographers on the rise, with closer to 20 weddings/year, providing flexibility for growing businesses.

  • 20% annual savings



1,440 Carats

Designed for videographers with a moderate volume (20-30) of weddings, offering reliable outsourcing options to streamline operations.

  • 25% annual savings



2,880 Carats

Tailored for videographers capturing between 30 and 40 weddings per year.

  • 30% annual savings



5,760 Carats

Ideal for large-scale studios with high-volume demands.

  • 35% annual savings



11,520 Carats

Designed for thriving studios with multiple locations.

  • 40% annual savings

Pay As You Go Pricing

Not ready to commit? No problem, try us out on a Pay As You Go basis first.
Check out some of our common options below.

Video Type Pay As You Go! Membership Cost
1 min Instagram $249 20 Carats
2-3 min highlight $399 32 Carats
4-6 min highlight $499 40 Carats
6-8 min narrative HL $669 53 Carats
16-20 min feature $879 70 Carats
Documentary edit $149 12 Carats

Ensure monthly expenses stay in check!

I am beyond impressed with Uncut Gems’ ability to bring out the magic in my footage and deliver breathtaking wedding films every time.

-Hythan Films

Choosing Uncut Gems was the best decision I made for my wedding films – their editing prowess and commitment to excellence are unmatched.

Paul Lim Films

Your questions answered

The Carat Club membership offers various tiers, each with a corresponding discount.

Let's take the example of a 2-3 minute highlight video, which costs 32 carats. With our lowest tier membership, Quartz, you receive a total of 480 carats. By dividing 480 by 32, you can purchase 15 of those highlight videos with this membership plan. If you were to pay for each video individually using our 'Pay As You Go' pricing at $399 per video, it would amount to a total of $5,985 for the 15 videos. However, with the Quartz tier membership priced at $5,100 for the year ($425/month), you save $885, which equates to approximately 15% in savings.

All good! Carats roll over year to year, as long as you renew your membership.

Enjoy the flexibility of adding more carats to your collection whenever you desire, all while benefiting from the corresponding membership discount. Without any discount or membership tier, a single carat is valued at $12.50. However, if you are on the 20% off Amber tier, for example, each additional carat would be priced at just $10, allowing you to make the most of your membership perks.

If you run out of carats you can either purchase however many more you need to get you to your renewal date, OR if you anticipate needing more carats for the following year you can upgrade your plan at any time and receive a prorated amount of carats, depending on how far you are into your current term.

Upon your first payment you will be drowning in carats! We give you all of them for the year up front, as we understand that your usage may vary from month to month, with some months requiring a significant number of carats while others may require only a few. To accommodate this, please note that we are providing you with these credits in advance, which you will repay over a period of 12 months. It's important to be aware that if you utilize your points before the year concludes, you cannot cancel early without breaching the terms of your contract. Consider the Carat Club more as a loan that you are gradually paying off each month, rather than a conventional subscription plan.

For more questions, please see Carat Club FAQ or shoot us an email to

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