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We offer a wide range of video editing services

Highlight Video


The core of any wedding video package. Prefer music video style with no dialogue? No problem! Want more of a narrative approach with dialogue from the speeches and vows mixed in? Sure thing!

Documentary Edit


It seems everyone calls this type of edit something different.. the “doc” edit, the multi-camera edit, the “when will my clients ever actually watch this” edit, etc. Whatever your preferred name, we got you covered! This edit plays out the entire ceremony and all the main events of the reception from start to finish.

Narrative Feature Film


We LOVE making these. We excel at storytelling, which is what these feature films are all about. Typically ranging anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes, these incorporate music, dialogue, and natural audio from the whole day to craft a cinematic masterpiece your client will likely cherish more than any other video you send them.

Instagram Videos


These concise and delightful 60-second trailers are designed to build anticipation for couples eagerly awaiting their longer films. We skillfully craft these short and sweet previews, infusing them with moments that encapsulate the essence of their special day, leaving couples and their loved ones excited for what’s to come.

Love Story Videos


A pre-wedding shoot that beautifully narrates the unique journey of a couple. Through heartfelt interviews and captivating slice-of-life b-roll footage, we craft a cinematic experience that unveils the essence of their love story. This video captures the magic and emotions shared between the couple, offering a glimpse into their lives and setting the stage for their upcoming wedding celebration.

Cultural Ceremonies


We appreciate and understand the rich tapestry of cultural traditions that make each wedding unique and special. From capturing the serene beauty of tea ceremonies to documenting the emotional moments of signing a ketubah, or the exchange of vows under a chuppah or mandap, we are well-versed in the nuances of diverse cultural customs.

Recent Work

Your footage. Our expert touch.

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    Flexible Packages

    we understand that each wedding video project is unique. That’s why we offer customizable packages and add-ons to ensure your films perfectly match your vision. Our flexible options allow you to tailor your package to your specific needs and shooting style. Don’t see an option you need? Just message us!

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    Dedicated Account Handler

    You’ll have a dedicated account handler as your main point of contact for every edit. They will ensure clear and smooth communication, understanding your needs and relaying them clearly to your editor. From addressing questions to gathering feedback, your dedicated account handler will be by your side throughout the editing process, making your experience seamless and hassle-free.

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    Quick turnaround

    We understand how critical timely delivery is for your wedding films. Our average turnaround time is 15 business days, and rarely extends beyond 4 weeks. With our commitment to efficiency and quality, you can always rely on us for exceptional results within tight deadlines.

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    One Editor, Perfect Match.

    We value the importance of maintaining a consistent style in your wedding videos. That’s why we pair you with a dedicated editor who not only understands your unique vision but also excels in bringing it to life. With one editor handling all your videos, you can expect a cohesive and polished collection that truly reflects your brand and shooting style.

'Pay As You Go' pricing options


  • $399
  • $499
  • $599
  • $669
  • $739

Feature Films

  • $799
  • $879
  • $989

Documentary Edits

  • $249
  • $149
  • $99
  • $99
  • $75
  • $75

What is Carat Club?


Best pricing option. Maximize outsourcing benefits with our annual membership.

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    Saves up to a 40% on all orders.

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    Carat Club orders are priority, which means faster turnaround times

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    Predictable monthly fee. Smooth cash flow.

Onboarding process



Click the button below and complete our onboarding survey to share your editing style and storytelling approach.


Place Order

Use the order form in the client portal to select your edits, then upload/share your footage using Dropbox or by mailing us a drive and providing the tracking number .


Kick It

Go spend time with your loved ones while we do our thing.



Experience our streamlined review process. Utilize to review your film and provide direct notes for any revisions needed. Say goodbye to tedious back-and-forth emails and missed feedback, as this platform ensures efficient communication and a smoother editing experience.


Fall In Love

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide up to 2 rounds of complimentary revisions to ensure your film matches your vision precisely. Once you’re in love with the final result, easily download your completed film(s) and relish in the finished product.

Your questions answered

We use Adobe Premiere as our default for all edits. We are happy to export an XML for you if you’d like to make tweaks in your own software!

You will receive the final video file in the resolution and export settings of your choosing along with any additional assets used (like sound effects, enhanced audio, overlays, etc), as well as the project file and/or XML file.

Totally up to you! You can either send us the song you want us to use, or we can choose for you. Just keep in mind there will be a fee to change our choice after the edit is started if you go that route. Typically we find that it’s best for you to choose the music for the shorter highlight videos, and for us to choose the instrumental tracks for the longer narrative feature films.

Carat Club members are assigned to a single editor for the sake of consistency. Therefore, turnaround time depends on that editor’s current schedule, and could be anywhere from 10 days to 4 weeks or so. However, Carat Club members have the option of expediting their edit at no additional charge if they are in a big rush and wish to use someone other than their primary editor. Pay As You Go users have fluctuating turnaround times depending on the season and current demand, but it is incredibly rare for it to extend past 4 weeks (and is often as little as 2 weeks). Both types of users will see an ETA date posted to their project within a few days after placing the order, so they can plan accordingly and keep their couples informed.

We are reasonable people. If we miss the mark by a little, we will work tirelessly until we get it right. If we miss the mark by a LOT, we will discuss other options with you based on the situation. While we strongly encourage full time videographers to sign up for our annual membership, this membership cannot be canceled until the year is up, so we recommend doing at least 2 ‘Pay As You Go’ videos with us before jumping into the subscription to make sure you are happy with our quality and consistency first.

Carat Club is our annual membership that comes with BIG savings. Essentially it is a flat monthly fee in exchange for “Carats” (carats = credits, basically!). As soon as you sign up you receive your total annual allotment of carats, which will then be used to purchase video edits, instead of cash. Each time you place an order, we deduct the cost of that video in carats from your your total carat balance. For example, a 2-3 minute highlight costs 32 carats. Under our lowest level membership tier “Quartz”, you receive 480 total carats. When you order this video you would have 448 carats remaining for the year.

The Carat Club membership offers various tiers, each with a corresponding discount. Let’s take the example of a 2-3 minute highlight video, which costs 32 carats. With our lowest tier membership, Quartz, you receive a total of 480 carats. By dividing 480 by 32, you can purchase 15 of those highlight videos with this membership plan. If you were to pay for each video individually using our ‘Pay As You Go’ pricing at $399 per video, it would amount to a total of $5,985 for the 15 videos. However, with the Quartz tier membership priced at $5,100 for the year ($425/month), you save $885, which equates to 15% in savings.

Once you sign up for the Carat Club membership, please note that it is a one-year contract and cannot be canceled before the completion of the year, unlike other subscription services. This is because we allocate our team resources based on the number of subscriptions for the entire year. Additionally, we provide you with all of your Carats (credits) upfront upon signup. We understand that during busy periods, you may require more Carats, and allocating them monthly might lead to running out quickly. If cancellations were allowed after using all the Carats early on, it would not be sustainable for our business. Think of it as a loan: we provide you with all your Carats upfront, and you repay them monthly over the course of 12 months.

  • Cost Savings: Carat Club provides majorly discounted pricing on video edits compared to our standard “Pay As You Go” pricing. Enjoy significant savings based on the number of credits (Carats) included in your plan.
  • Flexible Usage: Carat Club allows you to use your Carats (credits) throughout the year, giving you the flexibility to request video edits when you need them.
  • Priority Service: As a Carat Club member, you receive priority service and our top level editors, ensuring that your video editing requests are given prompt attention.
  • Streamlined Process: With Carat Club, you have a dedicated account manager who assists you throughout the process, providing personalized support and ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.
  • Simplified Budgeting: The membership’s fixed monthly fee allows for easier budgeting and cost management. You know exactly what to expect each month, making it convenient for financial planning.
  • Exclusive Access: Carat Club members may receive exclusive benefits such as early access to new features, discounts on additional services, and priority access to seasonal promotions or special offers.
By joining Carat Club, you not only gain cost savings but also enjoy a streamlined and prioritized experience, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional videos to your clients.

We strongly, STRONGLY prefer dropbox. Google drive is accepted, but can add up to 5 days to your turnaround time. Feel free to email us for more information as to why (long story short, google drive is atrocious for downloading huge volumes of large files). If your internet isn’t fast enough, feel free to mail us a hard drive! We provide a spot on the order form to enter your tracking number. You’ll be billed for return shipping if you choose this method (typically less than $10. We will auto-charge the card on file when we send the drive back).

Choosing Uncut Gems was the best decision I made for my wedding films – their editing prowess and commitment to excellence are unmatched.

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I am beyond impressed with Uncut Gems’ ability to bring out the magic in my footage and deliver breathtaking wedding films every time.

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